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Love your work Emma. What a joy it must be to be rewarded for work that you love. You paint waves like no-one else I have seen. Your work defines the essence of Western Australian summer beachscapes.

– Leith

Your paintings bring me inner peace Emma - It is my ambition to buy one one day.

– Cherry

Such a delight your paintings!!! They are so evocative, they bring a flood of happy thoughts I always

feel at the beach!

– Kay

Emma your artistry is magnificent...congratulations on your beautiful paintings...soooo realistic. Almost hear the have a gift.

– Laurel

I've never seen anyone that captures the irregularity of nature so seamlessly - superb.

– Ric

I can see that wave swell, and place my own self on a that water. This is how good your work is!

– Megan

Stunning. Like you can almost smell the ocean.

– Rennelle

I always want to Mary Poppins into the paintings! 

– Izzy

Just Breathe with flower.jpg
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