"My inspiration and motivation is the beauty of the ever changing light and how it effects the ocean and sky. I would love the viewer to feel like the could step right into one of my paintings, and momentarily lose themselves, if only for a second"
– Emma Thomson

Driving and boating to different locations around WA and soaking up the surroundings really allows me to connect with the locations and "feel out" the scene for future paintings. This is usually when I can't wait to get back to the studio to start creating!


With a camera full of photo references from my outdoor adventures I return to the peaceful confines of the 'The Wash House Studio' in Mount Lawley, Perth, WA.  It's there I begin the process of painting, slowly building up soft layers of acrylic paint to recreate the feeling and emotion of being in these amazing places. 

Emma xx

...I would sketch with my pencils and splash around my watercolours, filling up my bedroom with various works in progress. I felt I was my true self surrounded with paper, pens, paints and anything else I could find that would allow me to express my thoughts and feelings. I had no doubt that my life was

going to follow a creative path.

I completed my Diploma of Graphic Design at the West Australian School of Art and Design, and was lucky enough to join the team of artists at The West Australian Newspaper as an Illustrator. I thrived in the fast paced working environment, working alongside other inspiring artists and learning new skills.


After 8 years working for the newspaper, I left to start my family and shortly after having my second child I rediscovered my passion for painting inspired by our beautiful Western Australian coastline.

I have always wanted to be an artist...