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My creative process begins with taking reference photos mainly during the hours of dawn and the evening where the light is at its most special. I then return to The Wash House Studio in Mount Lawley to begin creating the artwork.

In composing my seascapes, I work intuitively, allowing the painting to evolve and take on a life of its own. I constantly step back to observe the painting from a distance, making adjustments and refinements until the final result is a harmonious balance of color, light, and atmosphere.

My intention is to create paintings that not only capture the beauty and power of the ocean but also evoke an emotional response in the viewer, inviting them to connect with the natural world in a deep and meaningful way.

Hello, and thank you for visiting.  I'm a seascape artist based in Perth,  Western Australia.  I draw inspiration from the stunning rugged coastlines and the ever-changing beauty and power of Western Australia beaches for

my paintings.


As an artist I'm deeply connected to the ocean, spending much of my time exploring the coastline observing its colours, and the formation of waves. I'm particularly drawn to how the light interacts with the water, creating an endless array of hues and shadows constantly in flux. I'm also fascinated by the energy and movement of the ocean, from the crashing waves to the calming stillness on a summer's evening.

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Emma xx

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